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She's then greeted by eight men who meet her physical requirements.Next week, 24-year-old George, from Essex, digitally designs his ideal woman.And while Love Island focused on singles looking for love, Make or Break’s premise is slightly different.The show stars eight troubled couples whose relationships will be put to the test as they’re forced to swap partners and undergo trials.

If it goes well on the date, the couple can enjoy some alone time in the Love Mobile - the car that returns them to the house.When it comes to finding potential suitors, the show's experts grill the singletons on what they look for in a mate.This is narrowed down to details such as height, build, eye and hair colour and style.We've taken a moment to reflect on 17 of the niche romantic reality TV series that captured our hearts and captivated our minds (likely, for all the wrong reasons). Five women stood by as a conveyor belt of hot guys passed them (no, I'm not kidding).Each man would get 60 seconds to make his case, and the girls had the chance to, essentially, swipe right or left.

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That was the concept behind —effectively increasing the awkwardness of the blind date tenfold.

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