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Lionel Stretton then presented a well written set of rules which was adopted after discussion.A programme was proposed for regular meetings commencing with an initial Conversatzione to be addressed by Mr O Pemberton, to which local dignitaries were to be invited.21.

They paid practitioners a sum per annum but this was often considered too small.

Samuel was the chairman at the consequent meeting at which his son (John) Lionel proposed a motion That it is desirable to form a medical society for Kidderminster and District.

Mr Walter Moore of Stourport seconded the motion which appears to have been carried nem con by the 13 doctors present.

The Medical Act of 1858 had finally put an end to unlicensed practitioners and had created the General Medical Council to keep a list of those eligible to practise.

From that time medical education was confined to recognised institutions and medical students received a grounding in basic sciences before proceeding to clinical training.

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In addition there were middens, pig sties and wells in close proximity to dwellings.