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Detained without access to telephone, email, or social networks, Moreno was initially accused of “treason”, reports Aporrea.These accusations were later downgraded to “trafficking of influences”, although it remains unclear whether the diplomat has yet to face formal charges."How is the corruption scandal affecting the playing on the field? ," Oppenheimer asked Ronaldo in Spanish-to-English translation in the subtitles of the clip. "I do my profession, my job, I give my all to my club.The rest doesn't matter to me." Throughout the course of the short interview, Ronaldo deflected more questions about the scandal surrounding FIFA. What, you want me to speak about product, they speak about FIFA, come on," he said before he walked off the set. Some South American countries, particularly Ecuador and Venezuela, have significant experience contending with large-scale movements given the recently ended 52-year civil war in Colombia as well as the lengthy history of refugees fleeing right-wing military dictatorships across the region. Cancillería y Migración Colombia Anuncian Resolución para Regularizar Venezolanos en Colombia. Several have reacted to the recent flows by creating different types of legal status for migrants who may not qualify for asylum, for example Peru’s new temporary work-study permit (the Temporary Stay Permit). Los ecuatorianos no se quedaron atrás y mucho menos los venezolanos quienes en diversos tuits se podían destacar las palabras de aliento.

Sin embargo, grata fue la sorpresa de ver que en países sudamericanos las palabras ‘Perú’ y ‘Nueva Zelanda’ también figuraraban en los primeros lugares.

Neither the SEBIN nor Venezuela’s Foreign Ministry have yet issued a statement concerning the arrest, and Moreno’s passport remains in official custody.

Founder of the Los Angeles-based Simon Bolivar Association, Moreno is an internationally renowned Chavista activist who has long served as one of the Bolivarian Revolution’s most vocal champions in the US public sphere.

Live streaming has become one of the more popular ways of connecting with CNN’s audience with the channel’s HD 1080i resolution format photo galleries, audio, video, and detailed reports that are accurate and up to date with the trends.

CNN International Live Streaming has chosen Google Chrome as its preferred search engine, which is also more common on portable devices such as your cell phone, tablets, and laptops.

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Others, such as Chile, which has only recently begun to contend with arrivals in significant numbers, have struggled to keep up—and have witnessed growing calls for more restrictions on immigration, echoing developments in the United States and Europe.

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