Military online dating scams found lost money

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Military online dating scams found lost money

In today's digital age, online predators and scammers have become more clever than an email from a Nigerian Prince asking for money.

Now that Valentine's Day is fast approaching, Special Agents with the Army Criminal Investigation Command are anticipating an increase in "romance scam" reports.

If you tell him, your friends that he is scamming you, he will say they are just jealous of you . If you have seen some of these guys try to target you on the dating sites, do not get down on yourself or feel you are a loser …are targeting anyone that is 40 . Don’t get hooked in and keep on aging forward with resiliency!

They ask the victim to send money, often thousands of dollars at a time, to a third party address. In one version, the scammer poses as a service member who is moving overseas and must quickly sell his or her vehicle.

The soldier's rank and other details are often included in an effort to lend credence to the scammer's story.

The Army reports that several senior officers and enlisted soldiers throughout the Army have had their identities stolen and used in these scams.

He may even be brazen to ask for your checking account and that he can get the money out of convenience for you because he knows a way how.

The scammer keeps asking for money until you can’t afford or the fraud is perceived.

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"Another critical issue," Grey said, "is we don't want victims walking away and thinking that a U. Soldier has ripped them off, when in fact that Soldier is honorably serving his or her country and often not even aware that his pictures or identity have been stolen."TIPS FOR IDENTIFYING, DEALING WITH ONLINE SCAMMERSThe U. has already established numerous task force organizations to deal with these kinds of scams and other issues.

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