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Nl2br online dating

(Jan Rosier) - 1.3 added support for choosing format for month values (Gary Loescher) - 1.3.1 added support for choosing format for day values (Marcus Bointon) - 1.3.2 support negative timestamps, force year dropdown to include given date unless explicitly set (Monte) - 1.3.4 fix behaviour of 0000-00-00 dates to match that of 0000-00-00 dates (cybot, boots) Smarty function plugin Type: function Name: html_table Date: Feb 17, 2003 Purpose: make an html table from an array of data Input: - loop = array to loop through - cols = number of columns, comma separated list of column names or array of column names - rows = number of rows - table_attr = table attributes - th_attr = table heading attributes (arrays are cycled) - tr_attr = table row attributes (arrays are cycled) - td_attr = table cell attributes (arrays are cycled) - trailpad = value to pad trailing cells with - caption = text for caption element - vdir = vertical direction (default: "down", means top-to-bottom) - hdir = horizontal direction (default: "right", means left-to-right) - inner = inner loop (default "cols": print $loop line by line, $loop will be printed column by column otherwise) Examples: Smarty function plugin Type: function Name: mailto Date: May 21, 2002 Purpose: automate mailto address link creation, and optionally encode them.Input: - address = e-mail address - text = (optional) text to display, default is address - encode = (optional) can be one of: none : no encoding (default) javascript : encode with javascript javascript_charcode : encode with javascript charcode hex : encode with hexidecimal (no javascript) - cc = (optional) address(es) to carbon copy - bcc = (optional) address(es) to blind carbon copy - subject = (optional) e-mail subject - newsgroups = (optional) newsgroup(s) to post to - followupto = (optional) address(es) to follow up to - extra = (optional) extra tags for the href link Examples: Smarty date_format modifier plugin Type: modifier Name: date_format Purpose: format datestamps via strftime Input: - string: input date string - format: strftime format for output - default_date: default date if $string is empty Smarty truncate modifier plugin Type: modifier Name: truncate Purpose: Truncate a string to a certain length if necessary, optionally splitting in the middle of a word, and appending the $etc string or inserting $etc into the middle.» Easily Change Text To Lowercase » Format money as millions, billions... Replace invalid code points for the given document type with a Unicode Replacement Character U FFFD (UTF-8) or &#FFFD; (otherwise) instead of leaving them as is.But when I convert back from to \n, it produces double spaces instead of single space. Shortly after I posted this message, I figured it out.

Feb.2003 Purpose: Prints out a list of radio input types Input: - name (optional) - string default "radio" - values (required) - array - options (optional) - associative array - checked (optional) - array default not set - separator (optional) - ie or - output (optional) - the output next to each radio button - assign (optional) - assign the output as an array to this variable Examples: Smarty plugin Type: function Name: html_select_date Purpose: Prints the dropdowns for date selection.So why did this stop working when going from 4.4.latest to 4.5.latest?And more importantly what can I do to get tinymce to just read what is there!!??Change Log: - 1.0 initial release - 1.1 added support for /- N syntax for begin and end year values.(Monte) - 1.2 added support for yyyy-mm-dd syntax for time value.

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This may be useful, for instance, to ensure the well-formedness of XML documents with embedded external content. If omitted, the default value for this argument is ISO-8859-1 in versions of PHP prior to 5.4.0, and UTF-8 from PHP 5.4.0 onwards.

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