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A rock album is defined in the true sense of the word in that it must be a rock n roll album, meaning that it can be loud, features the playing of real instruments, features guitar solos and simply be a rock album. We have featured some albums in the "pop rock" vein, but for the most part we wanted to keep this to what a rock album should be.

Chcuk Berry is rock, Van Halen is rock, Nickelback is rock, Metallica is rock. We have included some greatest hits compilations providing the artist did have an album of fresh material within the decade that was 2000-2009.

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Last week Google put out a post through their Google Webmaster Central blog on how to handle legitimate cross-domain content duplication.Still waiting on official word from Google and Yelp.I have spent some time this week going through Enquiro's and Marketing Jive's post from the past decade.I'm sure that will be evident as you go through the list.Before we get started, we should define what we consider a "rock album".

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Looking at our articles and blog posts from the early part of the decade where there was less discussion about Google and more about things such as FAST, AOL, Inktomi, GOTO and Alta Vista to recent years where Google, Twitter and Yahoo dominated the forums and discussions.

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